Friday, July 10, 2009

Orkut Idol -- Organising the Biggest Extravaganza

Hi people,

Okay starting with those people who don't know what orkut is? Well orkut is a similar online social community like Myspace, Facebook, Hi-Fi, Twitter and etc. Orkut is the most widely used social networking site especially in India and has millions of users all around the world who are increasing day by day.

Cut to ORKUT IDOL, well orkut idol is a contest held in one of the most popular and heaviest community(with members close to 200,000) True Love. This is a contest created by the owner of the community and many people have participated. Being the one of the biggest community has certainly raised the popularity of this game too. With many a people coming in, only 12 got selected through. I know, i know wanna know if i'm there or not............well duhhuhhhh..... if i wasn't then why i would be writing about it.

Ok so i participated and cause the moderators of the contest liked my audition so they gave me direct entry to the next level which means i won't go through the interview thing, reliefed. Yea. i'm reliefed cause the last time i did it, it was embarrasing. I did it once in the past, when there was a similar contest in the same community for "Roadies", yea yea............ i made it to the next round there too and also was able to be in the last 6 but couldn't carry ahead because of some personal reasons. Leaving that apeat.........i will happily miss the interview this time around and will be waiting for the excitement and thrill waiting for me round the cornor.
So, if you are a part of orkut............then what are you doing........come join us.

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