Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hairspray -- Find Out John There

Yes, i took a long time to watch this movie. But what to do...... i heard this movie was a musical because of which i was trying to avoid this movie. Musical movies are my genre. You can say this is my first musical english movie, i may have seen some hindi or Indian Musical Movies but never a movie out India. Musicals are boring that was the same thing i was thinking before watching this movie. Also i have seen some trailors from Woody Allen's some movie.....i'm sorry if made any mistakes while spelling his name out, i know he is legend there.

Ok, now turning to this movie again. It is one of those fairy tales where there is one ugly girl who always dreamt to make it big one day but never was able to. The lead character is a fat girl who wants to be a part of on going HIT T.V. musical show. She likes the way they perform on the TV and the way they enjoy there dance. But she is always discouraged to be one of them, especially my her mother, guess who?????? John Travolta. Yes, John plays her mother in the movie. She also goes for the audition for the TV show but gets rejected badly. But once while dancing in the Detention room of her school she catches the eye of one of the members of the same TV unit. She alasts makes it big on the TV...........everybody loves her, sorry did i say everybody, but here comes the two ugly twins....i meant two characters which did like her making big on their show. So they try to get rid of her. How they do so ? or if they succed in it or not? is the story.

The good things about the movie are :- A must watch performance by John Travolta. I have not seen him much ..... not many of his movies....but all of the one i have seen this is the best one. Second good thing, movie have a lot of good songs starting which Good Morning Baltimore!!!!, also acompanies is great music and awesome Choreography. There also good performances by the other leading character espeically the girl protaganist TRACY ........ sorry again i don't know the real name and right now i also don't have an internet connection. Amanda Bynes looked cute...especially she was sucking on that lolly pop the whole time in the movie.

Bad things about the movie, being a musical, it has a lot of song and dance sequenses and if you are not a musical movie fan, you tend to get bored. Another the movie is very predictable but that can be given to the movie, i mean its not a thriller or murder mystry.

6/10 Stars
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