Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Best Friend's GirlFriend -- Expected Dane Cook

I have seen Dane's one more movie before watching this one and he was playing somewhat a simillar kind of character as a Casanova. So its getting a bit boring, take my advice Dane, try something new next time. Other in the cast include, Kate Hudson whom i love cause she is so beautiful and that too one record. But she is not doing so good from the last 2-3 years, i believe. I mean Fool's Gold, Bride's war and this , i think she must have a good reason for these movies. I don't rate any of these movies or the character she played to match her caliber which i did saw when i saw her in some of her earlier movie. Another important character is played by Jason Biggs, can't understand why he can't get out of his "American Pie" hangover. He felt so similar in this one too. Just at a different level. I think all these three people should make some drastic changes to themselves because if they keep movies and charaters like what they have always done....count the atleast one who won't be watch that movie.

Wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone. I know you people have seen a lot of movie where one guy is a tatol loser and to get the girl he wants he takes help from another guy(in this movie as the name suggests the other guy is his own friend). Then the girl falls for the other guy but the other guy is guilty about that he stabbed his friendship and now he acts as an asshole so that the girl goes back to the original guy but when the original guy finds out that his friends loves her more than him, he plans to get them together again. I mean, come on. Its like same story just played by a different cast.

One good thing about the movie, the 10 reasons for Dane Cook to be an asshole on the dates. They showed it two times in the movie and those were the only 5 mins of the movie i liked .
3/10 Stars 
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