Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paying Guest -- Return me my 2 hrs

Heard a lot about this movie such as its being made on a very popular play. A play which was a housefull whenever performed at any city. Also was expecting a lot from the cast of the movie especially people like Shreyas Talpade and Neha Dhupia who have been some of my fav in last couple of years. Also the other cast was same whom you will always see in a multi starer moive like Riya sen, Celina jaitly, Javed jaffery, Ashish chaudary etc.

One of the major reason why this was a hit as a play was the script but the same was opposite in the movie. There were comic scenes but they felt more like being imposed. They didn't made me laugh. Sometimes the comedy was irritating. Also don't think the actors were able to much because the script didn't gave them a chance. Celina and Riya were at their same......as they do usually.

Didn't find anything positive about the movie. So won't really suggest you watch this movie. Even then you want to dare, then check out for Shreyas and Javed especially when they play the wife.

2/10 Stars
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