Thursday, March 26, 2009

Service Industry

Being in the service industry is as much frustrating as it is interesting.

Interesting thing – you will get to meet totally different personalities every time and frustrating part – you will get to meet totally different personalities every time.

There are so many different personalities to keep up with that it just freaks at least me out. Also, then to keep up to different people does make this job more and more interesting. Every day, you wake saying “what kind of people I will meet today?” The only difference can be the expression. Would suggest everybody to add the smile when you the above bolded line.

Only one person can change your day

The comment that I got once for my work from a client was “You calm people down, its obvious you may get a lot people who unnecessarily freak out on you like me, however you were so good that you calm be down and that’s not enough, you go an extra mile and resolved issue for me.”

Here is one instance when one person made my day. I won’t praise myself, but I do get to here there kind of praises.

So that was the good part. Now for the bad one, once I had a not so good day at work. There was a particular caller who irritated me as much as I think I did to her and the best part, the next day she comes again. She lands on me again. I was so frustrated that on a call which stretched over 2 hours I didn’t even talk to her for 10 minutes. That lady flushed that whole weekend.

“So the moral of the story is that if you are in service industry, be as flexible as you can be if even that doesn’t help then leave it.”

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