Saturday, February 14, 2009

National Lampoons Pledge This Naughty Version -- Pathetic

This is one of those movies whom you regret watching. You would get the feeling of been doing some s**t thing instead of watching the movie. Well some one has said “Smart people are those who learn from there own mistakes but smarter are those who learn from other mistakes too”. After watching this movie I felt so stupid because people told me to not watch this movie cause they knew this will be a total time waste but no I had something different in mind. I do not regret my decision of watching this movie because I learnt a couple of important things about the movie. First, never watch a movie if PARIS HILTON is in cast. Second thing, now I know how bad a movie can be.

This is my second Paris Hilton movie and I’m swearing will never watch a Paris Hilton movie again. When you watch this movie then you’ll know why more than 75% of the movie Paris Hilton has done are in the IMDB worst 100.

There is nothing I would refer or recommend anyone to watch for and would obviously say to not go for the movie even for free.

2/10 Stars
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