Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gifts || Presents

I don’t like giving it out neither to take it from someone. I always thought that gifts should be price less, however never seen it. I don’t exactly know about this. If I go and try buying a gift then, i try to not think about the money I’ll be spending to get that perfect thing for someone I like. However, it’s never easy.

Now I am so irritated by this whole thing is that I try to not do it or to defend myself by saying buying “Gifts” is too girly to me. As no longer I try to buy gifts, so now I also won’t accept it from any one.

This is one of the worst thought and since the day it came to my mind, seriously unable to loose it.

You tell me do you think of the price tag when you buy gift? Also, if the person is someone you are seeing, then will you try to spend more on it?

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