Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vicky Christina Barcelona – I Liked It

Well not many people who I know liked it but I liked this movie. Yes, one of the major advantages the movie had was a good and attractive cast with Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Patricia Clarkson was a relatively new to me but she left a really good impression.

The story revolves around two friends with two really different personality’s altogether. One of the things I like about the movie was the opening song, did not exactly get the song but it really felt good to hear the song (Barcelona).

It’s a bit difficult to write about the movie without letting something out about the movie. Two friends who are so much different than each other but both fall in love with the same person in totally different ways. Where for Christina (Scarlett) it was a love in first sight but for Vicky (Patricia), she fell in love with Javier after she got to know about him. Penelope playing Javier’s ex-wife who are still in love but there love is really something strange. They love each other so much but they still can not live each other because they two are also so different. Well, I think I’m confusing a lot now so I leave it here. Movie is watchable. So you can give it chance.

The movie also recently got the Grammy award for the best musical movie.

7\10 Stars.
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