Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Accidental Husband – More Of Accidental Movie

Just saw the movie for a change thinking of watching something different because there was no such kind of movie released in a long time. This movie looked very stereo type even in the promos. Movie was so predictable, if you have seen the promos or heard about the movie earlier than the day you go watch the movie, you can actually guess the whole story line. Don’t know why somebody would like to make such a stereotyped movie especially at this era where people are experimenting with so many different subjects.

There was nothing about the movie which I would like to praise by which I mean I did not like any thing about the movie. The comedy felt missing in the movie. Screenplay felt as if seen it many times before.

For casting, I can say if there is nothing in the story then no big actors can make a movie work. I’m not an Uma Thurman fan and this movie proves why. But Colin Firth is one the people I like to see in a movie but even he was not that impressing and for which you can easily blame the storyline. I wanted to see more of him but he was kind of missing in the whole movie. Jeff Dean Morgan was good but still there was nothing in the movie to be praised about.

3\10 Stars

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