Sunday, January 11, 2009

MILK – One Of The Best Of 08

This is the only Sean Penn movie I have seen till date. This makes me happy in the sense that now I’ll be watching his earlier other good work too but similarly it makes me feel bad too because I haven’t even a single movie of such a good actor. This movie is one of those movie in which I liked almost all the things except the gay love making scenes but those are accepted because the movie is about them, their rights and their revolution. This real life story is more like a fairy tale where when one homosexual man stands up to a system who is strongly condemning the homosexuals. A system which is not even letting them their fundamental rights of being a human and would like to applaud the people who did this thing in reality in the 70’s.

Now about the movie, as I have already mentioned that the movie has some really great performances by the Sean Penn, James Franco and Josh Brolin were outstanding. Sean Penn’s performance can get him an Academy Award nomination.

This is movie is strongly recommended. If you have not then watch it, you won’t be disappointed by this one.

9/10 Stars

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