Friday, December 26, 2008

My Sassy Girl – Could Have Been Better

This is the third version of the same story I have seen. My Sassy Girl is one of those movies, which I believe, is made in more than 2-3 languages. Yes, before watching this movie I have already seen the same story in two other languages “My sassy girl” in the Asian language, not sure about language (Apologies for that) and the second language was my own “Hindi” and the movie was called “Ugly and pagli”. Well the North- East version was the most successful version of the same story and also I believe the Indian version was the worst adaptation of the same story. But I preferred this adaptation than the Indian version but surely less than the North-East version.

Moving ahead. This movie was good, I like the Elisha in this movie. Actually this is my just second “Elisha” movie other than “The girl next door”. Well I have said so much about the first two version of the movie that I am incapable of describing this movie. I appreciated the story in NORTH EAST version and condemned the Indian version and now I really can not think about rating this movie which lies in between the two versions. I think the direction could have been better and also felt that a couple of more instances could have been added to show the dominating feature of the leading female character in the relationship. Yes there were a few instances but that did not convince me atleast.

Would say if you have not seen this movie till now, do it like this first watch the north-east Asian version than this one and if you are still not pissed off by the story watch the Indian version.

5/10 Stars
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