Thursday, December 25, 2008

The House Bunny – Never Mind

I was Anna Faris Fan, yes was because I really felt that she could be a better actress than she looks on the screen because of all the those weird characters she have done. But The house bunny is one more in the same list which has a lot of these kind of stupid movies with no actual substance. This movie also felt like I have seen or knew everything about it. The movie is so predicable, just after the initial 15 minutes you can actually guess the whole plot the movie. There is nothing in the movie which will keep you glued to the seat. This is one of the most unbearable movies of this year if not in the history.

Anna faris carried her image of the blonde, dumb and beautiful bunny, who is thrown out of the playboy mansion. After a comfortable life how she lives in the world outside her boundaries of the playboy mansion?

I always felt that she can be more than what she already is. One of my favorite Anna faris movies is Smiley Face. But have not seen a good selection of movies from her side after or before that. She is really disappointing me.

3/10 stars (think I’m not biased on this one)
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