Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2 – Carrying On

I liked the first part or the first movie. I saw that one earlier this year and also heard after a couple of months after that the second part of a sequel is also in the pipeline. I liked the movie so much that was eager to waiting for the sequel to hit the screen. Most of my friends thought that the movie was way much girly but I never thought so. The movie had a lot emotions presented in one script with such brilliance.

Ok lets talk about the new one. This part also shows the girls sharing the pants over the summer’s vacations which again bring a lot of luck or magic to there life. This time also they go through a lot of emotional disturbance. One falling in and out of a relationship, second changing the perception towards her father, other also falling in and out of the relationship in a bit different manner and the last one going through a phase of life which can change her future.

Movie again can boast about the amazing performances by the leading ladies :-

Lena – Alexis Bledel
Tibby – Amber Tambyln
Bridget – Blake Lively
Carmen – America Ferrera

Also my personal favorite in this second part or the sequel was Tibby and Carmen and that does not mean that the others were not good. Amber (Tibby) felt transformed to a new person in this one than the earlier one. Other looked almost if not exactly the same but Amber looked so changed physically or improved as an actor too in this one.

A thumbs up from my side for this one and if you have not seen the first one then go and see the first one first and than come back to this one.

7/10 Stars
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