Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Love Guru -- Below Expectations

I think this movie was made insane. I mean they wanted the character to feel and pretend insane. The Guru character felt stupid through out the movie. Don’t know why Jessica Alba wasted her time in such a movie.

I didn’t find the movie funny or would say specifically the Guru. Mike Myers may have put in a lot into the character but the character or the guru was like stupid. Yes, I was comparing the movie to the “GURU” which was released 3-4 years before. “The Guru” being a good movie with a good story and good comedy was far much better than “The Love Guru” whose comic style felt stupid.

The only character I like in the movie was the Coach of the team “Maples” and especially when the movie ends and it shows the behind the scenes thing, the dwarf guy was standing and the camera man says (while focusing on the coach)“somebody move the people out cause all I see here is ass ‘n’ butts” and the coach replies “Now you know what it feel likes……” and everybody laughs……..i’ll that was the best part of the whole 2 hours I spent in the theater.

Won’t rate much this movie because I think It was a total waste of time.

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