Saturday, October 18, 2008

Professional Shit

Being some one who has just come out of an environment of college, where everyone around was a friend or a foe, and entering into an environment of an MNC (multi national company) where every one around is friend but almost everyone is against you. People say this what being professional means where you keep yourself for yourself and for your work and before helping another person everybody thinks of what is there for him in that favor. I believe being professional is being a selfish person and the more selfish you are, the more professional you’ll be.

I don’t know weather this is a general thing because from where I’m today I can’t generalize this perception over every working person but I believe its atleast true for the people who work around me. If you ask some one for help, the person will surely check to what extent that help can be harmful to him/her-self which I believe is something which I didn’t even think of especially for small favors. After checking for the extent of harm, the person will check the extent of profit or usefulness of that favor. People around here think so much before doing something that it frustrates or rather irritates the other person. At least during school life we had a direct answer of YES or NO but not here. Because of the amount responsibility, a person have on himself and at his level, which makes a person think of everything and what I believe is that at smaller levels of corporate network people can’t even think of taking risk. They have to play safe so that they can deliver the best according to their potential. People become so focused and involved in themselves that they don’t even have a social life any more. Still I’m not generalizing my perception here. But I have seen it around me.

These being professional talks feel so frightening to me. Its makes me think of how will I survive with these kind of people around me but I know, I have to learn it and learn it fast before people around me try to use me too for their own self.

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