Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pastor BOB

Somethings about Pastor BOB

Pastor BOB has that divine voice and intelligence and is enabled to teach the words of god in a simple way so that everyone can understand them but also powerful words so that people can be encouraged to follow the Almighty's words. People should implement those things in their day to day life so as to make one's life beautiful and so as to all in this world.

Pastor BOB has done many things for the society. He has served ministry of Young Life and Youth Development Inc.Pastor Bob has earned three master's degrees (MA, MBA and MDiv) and his doctorate (DMin).

You can go to Pastor BOB's web page and find many helpful things there, many prayers where people come and prayer for a better life. People come to wish for many things also like "I Want a Better Marriage". One of the best feature or things about the page is that you can Find a Church in Rancho Santa Fe. There are many emergent church you'd like to tame too.
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