Tuesday, September 16, 2008


People say that men are more egoistic than women but in my life I have seen women being more egoistic than men. Confidence is good for them, especially, if they want to survive in a community like mine and many other around the world. But this confidence generally leads to this “ego”.

It may be that I’m not able to comprehend their personalities or nature, may be they are like this always. It may be that I have misinterpreted their “line of defense” as their ego but what would you say if I’m not the only person who feels like this.
I have seen guys or men with great differences come together for their work or official reasons but it’s really difficult to make women do that. This is a topic we can go on and on and still we won’t be able to draw a conclusion. People have ruined their lives because of their ego. They aren’t open to advices. If some one want share something so that the person can improve, this egoistic person reject all the things the helping person have said.

There is a very thin and blur line between ego and confidence. Try to stay inside the line
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