Sunday, September 14, 2008


What do you feel when some one asks you for a favor? May be, you’ve never thought of this before or may be you have. Well this one time, when I was sitting alone and trying to kill my time, I started thinking on this weird topic. Weird because what I have found is that most of my family and friends have never thought about this. They may think about the profitable and selfish reason or consequences of helping people before helping them. If they don’t find anything bad happening to them, they help the person.

Well following is what I have found and concluded on after the long thinking process.

Whenever a person comes to me, asking for a favor, it makes feel like someone important to the person at least for that moment of time. Actually the feeling is close to being a “god” or “a god send” for the person. It feels that you are the only one in this world who can ever help the person. This is one of the primary reason because of which I usually or almost never say “NO” to helping a person or friend or people who aren’t my friend or even people I don’t like to be with or seen with. I try to help all the people if I can or I’m able to do so. I won’t make an excuse for not helping a person, if I can help the person, even if he/she is someone I don’t like.

This is my perception towards it. Tell me what ever you people feel. If you have never thought about this, just take 5-10 minutes and think a bit, if you wish to.
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