Saturday, August 30, 2008

How To Write A Good Post Or Be a Good Postie

Well I recently saw a movie called “Finding Forrester” but this is not the review for that movie. This post is related to how to write a post. Some of the important and can be helpful facts from the movie are presented as follows and as how I interpreted. If you want you can watch the movie too.

The first thing is to write. Simple huh………well I thought so too but it isn’t but however you can make it simple. When I say write, it means you just start writing, more clearly you just start writing irrespective of the mind, just use your heart and write down. You shouldn’t think when you are writing. It would be straight from the heart and very raw. When you have written the whole thing then comes in the mind. In the later half you can use your mind to edit or rephrase everything.

As describing it through the words said by Sean Connary “when you write your first draft use your heart and you rewrite it with your head. According to me writing is to write, not to think ”.

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