Sunday, August 24, 2008

There She Is …………………….

This is a really bad weekend socially because of the change in environment I got cold and I’m was sneezing and just clearing my nose the whole day. The best thing about catching cold was that I got an off day and I just slept through the day. I counted that I slept for about 15 hours in a day. Well I think that was my best.

The other thing which was interesting here is that through out the sleep, I don’t know for how much but can tell that maximum time I dreamt of her, my best in this realm too. I don’t know how much it matters for the readers but a lot to me. The whole dreaming period was awesome. It felt as if I was living with her. This dream felt really realistic as if I was feeling her physically with my hands. Human mind is really powerful because what I saw and felt in that dream is something I won’t forget.

There are some more instances which I would like to tell you here. She (about whom you people don’t know anything) was my classmate and the most problematic part of those days was to share these things with your guy friends. You are never really sure what will be their reaction? Will they throw me out of the herd? “I don’t want to loose my guys for a gal”, actually the mind said that but the heart always said “the guys won’t mind anything obviously they’ll be feeling the same feeling soon”. Having a big brother also didn’t helped because his suggestion were way too brave and fearless to me. His suggestion where impractical in the situation I was. Those suggestions were too brave for me. Now I do feel I was a little too coward or what in our native language is called a “fattu”.

But I can say that if I’d knew that she was going to say “Yes” then I would have done the first day I felt attracted.

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