Friday, August 22, 2008

There She Is …………………..

This is about the early days of mine inner conflicts, which I think is very normal in teens. In this situation, you are, at least I was, really very, very confused about that feeling which makes you restless when you watch her coming towards you in the shopping centre’s aisle. The feeling which makes you so nervous and so weak that you can’t even look at her when she is sitting right in front of you where as you can stare at her throughout the whole period while sitting at the back seat. The feel which will make you to get up in the morning and reach her home and give her a lift on your bike (one with out the motor).

This feeling makes you do such things which you’d never imagine to especially a few months or years ago. The transition is so huge, that it sometimes changes a kid into a guy or a man (but in rare cases).

Talking about me, the transition was huge. Changing me from a kid, a member of “We hate girls” (god knows why) to a completely new guy who suddenly has developed this new feeling which attracts me towards girls, especially her.

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