Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feast Of Love – Celebrating Love

The cast of the movie and the promos of this movie and also few good review and also I like watching romantic movie, are the few reasons which made me watch this movie. And I was right which proved at the end. Morgan Freeman is like the Amitabh Bachan Hollywood but this is a very personal comparison. This is my first Greg Kinnear and Radha Mitchell movie.

The movie is about the character Bradly who after been in few relationships has a feeling that all his partners find their true love after marrying him which is obviously not him and he feels being used all the time. One of his wife fells for another women and second wife leaves him for her ex. Morgan is a friend and advisor to him and has an interesting part to play in the movie. Will Bradly be always be a ladder to meet the true love? Or will he find his true love too. One of the dialogs I remember from the movie is when Morgan tells his wife “there is a bad news and a good news……….good news is that bradly’s injury isn’t serious and will recover soon and bad news is that bradly has fallen in love again.”

The performances in the movie are awesome. All the characters are very well described and painted on the screen. A really good love story and also then other story which lead to main script and which support the main script are also good.

The movie is really good and if you are a romantic movie lover than watch this. Also watch out for the really surprising and tragic climax.

7/10 Stars

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