Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bachna Aye Haseeno – Ranbir Carries Rishi Ji’s Legacy

This movie establishes Ranbir Kapoor as the successor of Rishi Kapoor Ji’s romantic excellence. I think everybody will agree that even after his movies not working that good on the theaters and critics but Ranbir has proved his potential in all of the his movie, which is just two now but I’m very much convinced with his romantic image. Even in Sawariya which I think was a good movie even if not many people and critics think it wasn’t. I like the performances by Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor in that movie too. Similarly in this movie, I found Ranbir Kapoor really good as an actor. Although I don’t think Bachna Aye Haseeno isn’t an “out of this world” kind of movie but it’s good. It keeps you occupied and entertained through out the whole time.

Another person who I feel stood out from others in the movie was Minnisha Lamba. You may say that I’m biased towards her and yes she is one of my favorite actresses in the present lot of girls out in the Indian movie industry. She is someone you can expect that every time she is on the screen, it will be something different. Minnisha Lamba performance in the first half of the movie gave me a hint of Preity Zinta. She showed those some of those bubbly and innocent looks which made me crazy. Minnisha Lamba as the teenager was so convincing and her performance was very eloquent.

Deepika Padukone has proved her acting potential to me atleast even through her first movie which was extremely mirch masala kinda movie. I think she is a good actress but didn’t see much for her in this movie. I think she has the least of the footage and most weak character with nothing at all to show. Although I like her performance but I think why one should cast her for such a role? Bipsha Basu was smoking hot in the movie. She looked beautiful and hot and also had a good meaty character which she justified with a good performance.

Music of the movie is a huge hit in the public. Everybody is humming the track called “Khuda jaane ki”. Some of the other dancing tracks are doing good for the DJ’s and especially the title track “Bachna aye haseeno” which also has the original fragment sung by great Kishore Kumar ji.

The movie is about a young guy Raj who goes through many events in his life where he’s with a girl who falls for him and Raj also fakes them that he loves them. But at every moment he ends up breaking the girl’s heart and running away like a coward. He realizes his mistakes when he faces the same in his life too. What happens and how it happens in Raj’s life is the story.

I would recommend the movie to all the people who like Indian movies and also who like romantic movies. For me the best part of the movie was when ever Minnisha Lamba enters the frame.

6/10 stars

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