Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hancock – Will Reluctant Superhero

I had great expectations from the movie because of Will Smith’s last two movies “I’m legend” and “The Persuit of happiness” but this movie was a disappointment. It wasn’t even close to his last movies. Will Smith is one of my favorite actor and I every time seek something special from him but this movie wasn’t his best or I would say not among them.

One thing I didn’t like in the movie was the second half where both the central characters turn against themselves and starts destroying the city to settle their disputes. Also the length of the movie was too short. I think they should have lengthened the movie a bit more so that they can come up with a few more details or other interesting things.

I liked the start where Hancock starts as a superhero who isn’t interested in being a hero for the city who is very reluctant to his work and reluctance is what he gives them back. The opening scene where the small kids tries to wake him up so that he could help the cops, but Hancock is more interested in sleeping and drinking but the good start didn’t lead to a good finish.

Although I haven’t seen much of Will Smith and Charliz Theron movies, individually but of all I have seen Hancock I the worst by both of them for me.

5/10 Stars

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