Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet The Parents

This happened with me again with in a week. Watch “Meet the parents was the second instance in a week where I saw a movie’s first part after watching the sequel. First instance was when I saw Batman Begins before the “The Dark Knight” and this is the second instance cause I have seen Meet the fockers before.

I have seen some of the Ben stillers productions before and can say that he is really good and producing comedies with some really interesting stories and the series of two movies is my favorite from his lot of movie. His movies are really good humors not those senseless comedies and that too continuously.

I think almost everybody have seen this movie. A “may be” normal or simple script but with good performances and direction and screenplay this movie felt much different than others. Ben Stiller rocks as an actor and a comedian especially. The movie offers many instances which are hilarious and you won’t be able to stop yourself from felling on your tummy while laughing. Robert De Niro is great as a father or a over protective father who don’t want to let his daughter in wrong hands but because of that the daughter always looses the guy. Robert De Niro working as a FBI agent who tracks all the information about the guys so that he can break them up. Will Mr. Focker (Ben stiller) survive this test from gals father is the movie about.

Watch this movie and also the sequel too.

6/10 Stars

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