Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Singh Is Kinng – Funny……Not Funny

Anees Banzme made a bad impression, certainly on me atleast, with his last movie which was “WELCOME”. WELCOME was a lame comedy where almost at every time it felt as if the humor had been generated forcefully. They tried to make every scene funny and hilarious but that didn’t happen with the audience although the movie did extremely well on the ticket counters.

I couldn’t help to take my previous experience with WELCOME along to the theater and it also made me somewhat a little biased towards the movie. But none the less, the movie came out much better than my previous experience as it was much more sensible this time. Although Singh is kinng has many weak moments where the humor looks ridiculous.

Performance wise it was something which I have seen many a times from Akshay Kumar so can’t really say that it was extraordinary. Katrina Kaif, well people say that she is growing up movie by movie and is counted as a promising actress but I don’t feel that personally. I haven’t seen anything from her which can land her in the category of actresses. She is one of the most beautiful and also the most bankable actress but still she still need to improve a lot as an actress. Don’t know why Neha Dhupia did this movie. There isn’t anything for her in the movie. Kirron Kher and Om Puri were good in the movie but that is something I think didn’t need to be mentioned cause this is something very normal for them now. Javed Jafri’s character and his performance in that was something which we can call as surprise. It is an extremely funny character and equivalent performance by Javed too.
The music of the movie is all over the people before the release of the movie and music too. There are few tracks like the Title track and the only romantic song in the movie “Teri ore” are my picks from the movie. Also a very interesting song “Bhootni ke” to watch for.

One thing especially need to be mentioned here was the way the director has promoted Sikhism through the movie. When ever Akshay Kumar’s character preaches the bad guys and reminds them of them being Sikh where very good.

Overall the movie is a good time pass but not one of those senseless comedies.

5/10 Stars
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