Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Love Story – Version One

This is the series of love stories I’m starting to write and hope can write good and realistic and a lot.

This story is about two people who were together ever since they knew each other. For them falling in love was like “they had too”. Everyone who had seen them grow together can tell they will fall in love. The girl and boy named heidi and harold lived and grew in the same neighborhood. They were best friends and used to play together. Whereas Heidi used to play baseball with Harold. Harold also returned the favor as he used to play with dolls with Heidi.

There childhood had everything what they dreamt of but not the teens. They went in to the same school but very different where heidi was a more than an average grader Harold always had tough times with the studies. Harold was one of those kids who were not interested in studies and that’s why he wasn’t able to go to college. But heidi carried on with studies and enrolled into economics course into a reputed college.

They still loved each other although they were in very different condition. Harold was finding it tough to switch between his temporary jobs frequently. Although heidi’s life seemed more easy but it wasn’t cause with out Harold it was a similar hell to her.

But the story is about the present day.

Harold hates is new job because the boss doesn’t show any respect workers in his restaurant. Heidi got him this job because she wanted to help him out.

This day Harold and Heidi sitting together at Heidi’s apartment eating dinner. Its really late cause the restaurant closes at 12 PM and Harold usually gets late. Today, Heidi decided to wait for him for the dinner. Harold tells her:

Harold: Heidi, I got to tell you this that I can’t carry this job forward. I’m done with it.

Heidi: yea, I understand you but I need some more time. I have asked my friend to find a
better job this time.

Harold: This man is a total jerk who thinks of us as his slaves not workers. I can’t take
him any more. You know just cause of my promise to you, I didn’t kicked him
in the B***s.

(after some time)

Harold: Heidi, why do you love me so much. Me being such a loser in life who don’t
even have a home of his own, always dependent on you. Why do you love?

Heidi: I love you cause I’m proud of you.

Harold: (smiling) proud of me ………….

That conversation was the one which moved Harold’s trust and love towards Heidi to eternity.
This is a kind of true love where people love eachother with any terms and conditions. No matters how many ups and downs one’s life go through but if his/her love of the life is along, anyone can survive the darkest nightmares of life.
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