Monday, August 11, 2008

After Sex -- A Delightful Break

This movie is a real surprise. It was a really good and delightful break from the contemporary movies cause I have been watching a lot of action and drama movies in last few months. The reviews about the movie were very misleading cause after seeing the movie I can’t think why people won’t rate this movie a respectful rating.

The movie explores a rare (cause I haven’t seen something like this, may be you have been), unique and intelligent side of the human life. The movie is like a collection of short stories which are combined together but still all the stories have one thing common but at different circumstances and conditions. There are about 9-10 stories (I didn’t count it exactly) but every story presents you with something new which I found very realistic and felt very close.

This part contains some spoilers.

The movie is about couples talking and conversing with each other after making love. At few instances it helps them to throw out the fear, at sometimes it lets them realize there love, at sometimes it was very naughty, at sometimes they learn to break free from the contemporary and etc. To understand, you really got to watch the movie.

The only thing what was really missing, which I think was, was a love story. All of the short stories were there but none of them had love leaving the story with old couple which was a rare and unique kind of love that’s cause for them making love wasn’t important for their relationship as they both had made love to many other people.

Well still this movie is something to watch and think you’ll like it too.

7/10 stars (mostly for the script and very realistic dialogs and convincing direction)
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