Monday, August 11, 2008

Batman Begins – Spectacular Beginning

Now I regret of not watching this movie earlier than the “The Dark Knight”. I just went in to the sequel and felt something missing at points then I decided to watch the earlier one really soon.
Although the sequel was very well distributed among the different characters but not the “Batman Begins”. As the name tells, this movie is all about Batman which is very much expected from a superhero movie. As the movie has grossed millions of bucks, I think there aren’t much people who don’t know anything about this movie. And now, I wish I had also contributed to those millions at that time.

Again there isn’t anything to tell to most of the people but cause I like to tell people what I feel about the movie, so I have to write my experience with the movie.

The movie is spectacular. It starts with letting you almost everything about the character Bruce Wayne, if you still haven’t known anything about the character. I mean after all those comics by DC and all those cartoon series after the character BATMAN. Taking you from his childhood to the adulthood. His transition from Bruce Wayne to BATMAN. All the important characters related to the Gotham city are displayed and performed very brilliantly. Although, again, this movie was more about being BATMAN.

I would especially like to appreciate the work of the person playing ALFRED, wayne’s most trusted person and his butler. This is my third of Christan Bale movies after “The Dark Knight” and “The Prestige”. Although it was difficult me to recognize him in the Batsuit in the second movie. This is my first Katie Holmes movie and was very much satisfied with her performance although that wasn’t a lengthy character but still it was very important and she did well.

The best thing for me is that now I can relate both the movies after watching the first part later.

8/10 stars
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