Monday, August 4, 2008

Joker……………..Why so serious?

Understanding the character “Joker” can be very easy or very difficult and challenging. This totally depends on how much or how far you go to understand this character. Heath kept him inside a hotel room for about a month and studied the “joker”. He went through the history of “Joker” and similar character played in the history especially “heat (1995)” which is supposed to be a big influence the director and the actor.

But what was the different thing which made “Joker” stand out from the league? Obviously he was the most fearless character and which can go to any extent to do the evil. He can do the unexpected. He was funny but most of the time the jokes weren’t that pleasant on others. He was not after something like money or any valuables. He just liked the crime.

The most feared attribute of “the joker” was that he didn’t believe in the morals fixed by the society. He makes his own morals. He always thought what he was doing was the right thing and a person should do whatever he/she thinks is right. Nothing is more important than that.

Batman says that he is the worst nightmare of the criminals but “Joker” proved that he the worst nightmare of Batman.

No doubt the catch of “the dark knight” was the “Joker” and how well he proves himself the classic villain which according to him Gotham city needs badly. How well he manipulates the mind of the batman and the white knight “Hearvy dent”. I also liked the way the character of the “joker” was well defined. Everything things seemed so perfect as if the director wanted the “joker” character to live long after the movie released. The hair

of “Joker” or the dressing style which looked so perfect to the character and surely showed the carelessness of “Joker” towards himself.

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