Monday, August 4, 2008

The Dark Knight -- A Milestone In History

When I knew about the death of Heath ledger early this year, it left me shocked. After Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain” heath and jake left a great impression on me and still the movie is one of my best. Then one day I heard that Heath was working on the Batman and that day later “Warner Bros.” said in an interview that Heath has completed his part of the movie. I really feel that heath’s untimely death made me more curious about the movie especially when I heard about the practice he did for the character. And speculations that the character was a responsible of the death in some way.

Leaving everything behind, the movie was a roller coaster ride all the way. I didn’t even realize that the intermission was after an hour or so and that time I didn’t wanted to leave the theater. The movie was so gripping throughout that I couldn’t leave the seat of anything. The movie impressed me in every way. The casting was good as everyone portrayed their character with sheer brilliance. Inclusion of Maggie Gyllanhaal in place Katie holms was also the one thing I liked. Maggie did best to her character.

Don’t want to say anything about the joker cause he left me speechless. I couldn’t even say anything for about 10 minutes after the movie ended. I felt so amazed by the movie.

This is the first batman movie without the name “Batman” in the title and that I think was cause that this was the only batman movie where someone else than the batman stole the show.

Arron Eckhart is someone I liked and known. I had seen 3-4 movies of him before and knew that guy can surprise with his abilities. His movie “Thank you for smoking” was the one which made him the special for me.

THE DARK KNIGHT is a movie about which you don’t talk about; you experience it by your own.

9/10 stars

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