Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friends Day

Today, 3rd of August, the world celebrates the day of being a friend, a day dedicated to the all the people who are friends to somebody. The special bond which is the only one which the person chooses by self and not bonded by heavenly forces, as said in India. I always felt that there should be a day for every thing we respect like the father’s and mother’s day and et al. we need one especial day to show our love and that “we care” attitude to the people we love and respect.

There have been many beautiful things written about friendship but I haven’t read anything, sorry for that, cause i don’t really like reading. But I love my friends who were there when I need them the most like when I didn’t had money to “the dark knight” third time in a row and when I didn’t need them like when ever I’m with her.

I heard this thought some where which, here, I’m trying to translate into English. Here it goes “I was scared of the thought I’ll loose my friends whenever the road of life takes a turn, but thank god the road was straight”. I always thanked to god and love whatever was there to keep us all bonded since we all met. I loved them and tried to do all whatever I can. I also have this thing that I can’t say NO especially to a friend no matter what kind of situation am I. But at the same time my friends also know when and how to disturb me.

I think I have been a good friend to all of my friends, keeping the bad jokes I crack on them and also leaving behind how much I bore them all.

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