Monday, September 29, 2008

Hitting Delhi Again

Today when I woke in the evening, I heard news on TV which stated that there is another bomb explosion in the capital of India (Delhi) that took place moments ago. This time, too, it was a terrorist attack where they are trying to prove their presence in the capital by killing people around the city. This is the second instance in last one month where people were killed in an explosion.

When I heard this news, I couldn’t stop myself to curse the people who are behind all this “shit” happening in the city. It’s not just because this time my neighborhood is under attack but this series of blasts all around the India is killing the innocent people who doesn’t even know why are they being attacked? They don’t even know what made these people go against them. Today itself, the two guys who came riding on a bike and dropped a bomb near a shop when a small kid try to help them by carrying their bag back to them, they ran away and just after a few seconds, the bomb exploded and killed the innocent child.

This is just one story and there are hundreds more. People say that there terrorist groups are killing people in the name of god………..and I said that’s all bullshit …… I have never heard anybody saying that their religion or god tells them to go ahead and kill innocent kids, women and old peoples. These people can’t even hurt anybody physically. What I think about them is that these people don’t have any religion because these people not only kill the people from other religion but also those people who follow the same religion as they do.

Even if they want to fight against the system or injustice then too…………is this the right way to do it? If Mahatma Gandhi had also thought like this then India would have never reached its freedom.

I want to express my sorrow towards the people who have suffered through these kinds of incidents and also who are suffering because they have lost their loved ones in these kind of attacks. And I’d also like to tell that, people who are doing these things …………….i feel sorry for you people……..because at the end when you go in front of the God, you will be punished.

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