Saturday, July 19, 2008

War Inc. – Witty Satire

When I read about this movie, they all said it was anti-US and I felt the same way. The movie displays how US people attack a Gulf country, destroying their world. Then after making business at their. There is an instance in the movie where Jhon Cusack says this too. I don’t really remember the exact phrase but I do remember what it meant.

Leaving all the political things out side, the movie wasnt as good as I thought to be. Yes, it was funny at some moments but most of the time the humor didn’t fit the scene or the story. The story is a witty way to take on the current gulf war I think. 

No need to say John and Joan Cusack were great in the movie. I loved Marisa Tomei

too. Hillary duff also, playing her part as a confused pop star, did well.
Overall the movie is something different and people can watch it as a change from the regular movies.
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