Saturday, July 19, 2008

Children of Heaven – Probably The Best Of My Life

I really loved this movie. It was like some magic which made me feel the prime characters. The story is so well written and told at the screen that I bounded me to my chair for the whole time. Although I don’t understand the language, what they were talking but the two little kids in the movie were so eloquent and portrayed their characters so truly that the story felt so close to me.

This is one movie which made me wish that I had a better vocabulary so that I could define the movie as beautifully as it was.

I would just like to strongly, no very strongly recommend this movie to all the people who’ll ever read this post.

The most important thing will be a great thanks to the people and crew behind this movie. It was an awesome experience. I don’t know any names from the movie….i mean the cast and crew……so I would like to congratulate everybody related to this movie.

9.5/10 stars
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