Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa -- Great Perfomances But Disappointing Story

Jaane tu was one of those movies from whom I expected so much just not because of the crew associated with this movie but also since I first saw the teaser of this movie I was so impressed with the leading couple.

When I came out of theater, I saw so many happy faces around, which made me happy too and that’s why would like to thank the people related to this movie. One of the other rare things I saw was that on a Monday I hadn’t seen a house full in a multiplex which is a rare thing and happens once or twice a year. I didn’t got a ticket for the first show of the day that too on a weekday. I heard Imraan khan on a Private news channel when he was answering to his incoming fan calls and a small girl called in saying that she hadn’t saw the movie cause the only theater close to her was housefull for the whole weekend. Now this is some compliment for a new star or a debutant.

Talking about the movie, I loved all the things about the movie like the music, people involved like the star cast who performed brilliantly especially pratik babbar, Ratna pathak shah, Imraan khan, the other girl in Imraan life in the movie, Genelia , their gang of friends and Khan brothers (in descending order).

The movie has great music with “Aditi hass de” my personal favorite and others too.

The thing which I didn’t like, personally was because of Genelia’s weak grip of Hindi she was dialogs like in fragments no real phrase like dialog for her. When I saw Mere Baap Phele Aap, I liked her so much and really wanted to hear so much from her but got disappointed in this one too. Chalo hoping for next time.

The other thing was the climax which was something I have seen many times. I could count atleast more than 5 movies (and I know there are much more than that) which ended on the airport. I think there should be something else for the climax.

But overall the movie was entertaining. I enjoyed the movie in the theater.

6/10 stars

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