Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Get Smart – Funny and Watch for Steve Carell

Steve Carell has impressed me in couple of his movie I have saw like the “40 yrs old virgin” and “Little miss sunshine” and a little guest appearance on the “Bruce almighty”. All the felt about that he is very talent and versatile and is very good and tickling your funny bone. And the other reason for watching this movie was, obviously, Anne Hathway I think she is really, really beautiful and also like watching her act. This was the first time she was doing action and comedy with someone like Steve.
About the movie, I liked the movie it has many hilarious moments which will make you roll on your seat. The movie is really well paced. Steve and Anne really complimented each other. I like the part when they both are on the same mission and Steve want to lead cause of his male ego, obviously.
Other people were also good and did justice to their characters. And I was really shocked to see Dillip Singh Rana better known as The Great Khali in the cast. I didn’t even know he was working in movies again.
Overall the movie was a get Monday night comedy thing.
7/10 Stars
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