Saturday, July 26, 2008

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle – Getting (on) High(way)

Well I don’t know how it feels when one gets really high cause I’m not into pots or weeds. But still I think I can feel who it would be. I saw once the movie called “Smiley Face” starring Anna Faris and that movie was based on a gal who is addicted to pot. At first I didn’t liked the movie but at the end I felt really good about the movie.

Harold and kumar had some resemblance to that character. When ever both played guy high on weeds, it felt so convincing. Both of the guys did a great job together. And made this story more wonderful. People really go insane after smoking weeds and this was really well presented in the movie, therefore a tap on the back for the story writer and the director too.

When I saw the movie, I was alone and the moment I saw the advertisement of this white castle burgers it made me hungry too. I couldn’t believe it either, I felt so into the movie that when at the end they reach their destination and ate those burger, it made me so happy.

The movie is an absolute entertainer. Now I have heard that it has another sequel to this and I’m sure I’ll watch that soon too.

7.5/10 Stars

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