Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hollywoodland -- Mysterious

I have heard about Adrien brody a lot for his movies like “The pianist”. But hadn’t seen him perform. This was the first time to watch him and he did left a good impression. The movie was related to the murder mystery, in the 50-60’s, when George Reeves got killed or anything else cause the case isn’t resolved till date (i think so).

The flaw or not the flaw a disadvantage among the normal people who don’t enjoy slow stories may feel this movie as boring cause its really slow. The story evolves very slowly cause of detailing about the two leading characters of the movie and I think the director didn’t wanted to leave any detail out. This also made this movie lengthy. But to people who enjoying watching movies and pace of the movie doesn’t effect much to them, then this movie is like a treat and brilliant performances by Adrian, Ben Afflack, Daine lane and others made it better.

This is one of Ben affeck’s best performances. Every other actor in the movie was just perfect. I would cut some marks on the pace and length of the movie.

7/10 stars

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