Saturday, July 5, 2008

Skyline – The Class Of 04-08

Praveen Sharma

Chotu, as we all call him, is one of the two classmates I knew earlier than I knew my college. Although me where not that close or even know each other properly before college happened but I knew this guy exists in this world.

We both had some fun together like bunking the classes or jumping college premises when we were not allowed to go back home before then last class was over. We used to travel home back cause we shared the college bus so we knew more about each other in the starting semesters.

We used to play table tennis together joined by quarter(Harish) and I was a better player than him. Ok I doesn’t matter.

He is the most physically evolved person of our class as he gained over 20 kgs of weight and while entering the final semester, he also had a piercing on his eyebrow. Once after a fight, a man said to him “how can you hit people you look too cute to do things like that. Aren’t you afraid of getting facial marks of a fight?”

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