Friday, July 4, 2008

Skyline – The Class Of 04-08

Aditya Bhushan

Well ADB(Aditya Bhushan) was the first guy of my class whom I met and eventually known. He was the guy I met on the first day college, first classmate to sit with and first to eat with. We have been together since then. The only thing which differ him from most of us and me including that he is one of the couple of students of our class who never failed in any university exam, where even the topper of our class also did but somehow he didn’t. That is some secret we all wanted to know but that is a secret for him too.

One of his memories which he shared with us, was a series of coincidences where all his friends or rather good friends failed the exams and he always managed to clear them. He thought it was him, cause he was the common reason among all and I also think that too. I have proof for that too…………..look at my mark sheets and you’ll find it.

He was the only person who doesn’t have what he deserved, an honors degree. Although he missed it by more than 8 percent but it was because he never wandered around the faculties for that extra attention.

To end it, would like to see him get what he deserves. And one thing more, people say every person gets what he deserves but this is an exception.

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