Friday, July 11, 2008

Skyline – The Class Of 04-08

Dhermendra Kumar

He is one of the very few hard working guys I have ever come through in my life. If I was in his shoes I couldn’t have done and achieved what he did. There are a lot of differences between us like our background, families, schooling, up bringing etc but he has done more than what one could have expected from the starting. He had to travel almost 3hrs to reach college. But still he was never late than me. When ever I heard his schedule of the day like how and what he does on college days……like when he gets up to travel almost 3 hrs. On a normal day (first year of college), he used to get up as early as 5 am and after attending the whole day, he got back not less than 8 pm that is almost 12-14 hrs and for me that is something substantial. This plus his schooling earlier effected his grades in the starting days cause college was totally different than school, for him atleast. One thing to admit here is that he was the guy I have resembled the most because he spoke the language which I learned through my friends in school.
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