Sunday, June 8, 2008

Notting Hill – Wish It Was A Real Story

Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, two of the biggest name of the industry paired together for a romantic movie. A smart, good looking man with a dashing smile and a woman with equivalently, if not more, dashing smile and also one of my favorite actress.

This combination raised mine expectations from the movie. But I can say this movie was good but can’t say as brilliant or among the best. Sometimes I really don’t get the emotions like love of American world. But that isn’t the relevant to this movie at present.

The movie is good because of a simple and sweet script, some awesome comic scenes with also some good emotional scenes, a few romantic ones too. Talking about the performances of the cast seems unworthy because they are talented and there isn’t anything to prove for them but the only thing I would say is that the script wasn’t that good to utilize of explore the maximum of their potential.

Over all an good but not very good.

6/10 stars

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