Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Donnie Darko – Well Weaved and Explorers a Lot

Well the main reason of watching this movie was cause it was highly recommended by many of the Guru’s of industry. Also cause Jake Gyllenhaal, have seen some of his recent movies which impressed me a lot and thus decided to watch some of his earlier brilliant works. And Donnie Darko is one of them.

Donnie darko is a very well weaved script, very well observed and explorers the world of this Donnie guy who is extremely brilliant, highly imaginative and thinks at a different level than the contemporary guys. The movie is very successful in presenting the “said to be weird world” of his and for this the credit goes to the director of the movie which is brilliant. This movie also presents Donnie as a superhero to me, may be some of the others people also think that too, cause he has some of the supernatural power and saves life’s of many at the end.

As Donnie Darko Jake is brilliant. This is one of his best works, equivalent to Brokeback mountain. The comparison may sound very confusing but cause I have seen Brokeback Mountain earlier that’s why I’m comparing Donnie Darko with it.

Other characters in the movie are also complementary to Jake’s performance. The can be seen as a horror movie but it is a supernatural thriller. I can also say that this movie is much better than some of the horror movie when we talk about terrifying audience.

When Donnie asks frank (his imaginary friend a giant metal skull faced bunny who saved him from some catastrophe and now Donnie does what ever he says) that why he was wearing that stupid bunny suit but Frank replies with a question saying why Donnie was wearing that stupid man suit. This scene was really the most terrifying scene as Frank removes his mask after it.

I would strongly recommend this movie to all weather you want to see a thriller or a horror, this movie can give you some real shivers.

8.5/10 stars

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