Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Lot Like Love – Disappointing

This movie really doesn’t offer much as I expected from it. The trailers can said as mis leading or may be I wasn’t good enough to intercept it.

I have heard and seen of Ashton less in movies than in newspaper lastly. But you can blame that on me cause I haven’t seen much of his movies. This was the second Ashton kutcher movie and I think first Amanda Peet movie. But the cast really doesn’t matter as much as the story. And I think that was the loose part of this movie.

The movie isn’t that bad movie but still has some loose points. It may confuse the audience at few moments. Amanda was good and I liked her in the movie more than anything else. There were few good moments too in the movie like when both of them first meet……and especially the three strikes.

6/10 stars

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