Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Little Manhattan – One of my favorite love stories

This movie is like the best to me. I have seen many love stories which were good, very good I say and also tagged as the gay movies by the tough men who think men don’t cry. Movies like notebook, a walk to remember, sleepless in seatle or serendipity and many more but this movie stands out among them because it explorers the world of a child, his first love and all the wired things which happens in the child world.

The movie starts with the main lead “Gabe” tells about the world he lives in where girls and guys world are two different things. They have a solid metal wall between them and few weird things happen when a gal touches a guy. One time when he says that he is more afraid to tell his friends that he is going out with a girl than many other things, was so funny and true. The movie felt very true and related to me atleast. The movie really shows the world I used to live in a child.

But the movie offers more than differences between these worlds, it also shows the struggle of Gabe to woo his first love “Rosemary Telsco”. How much he loves him, how she always makes his heart beat go faster when ever he looks at her.

I have seen Josh in one more movie called “Bridge to Terabithia” and it was also a awesome movie with awesome performances by the cast. I hope to see more him.

This was the first time I have seen Charlie ray but she was fulgurant in the movie. The best thing about the movie is amazing performances by these two actors.

Can see this movie a thousand of times.

9/10 stars

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