Friday, May 23, 2008

Three Kings – Turn out better than expected

Well I saw this movie after hearing that it’s a Gorge Clooney movie. Being a Clooney fan I had some expectations from the movie which were very much fulfilled. The movie was also based on war, well not exactly a was movie, it’s just shot in a was environment. Movie does show different traits of a soldier but won’t say the movie is about war.

Gorge Clooney was impressive in the movie as he always to me. One thing is really liked about the movie was the one dialog where Mr. Clooney says “we always do what is necessary for us at the moment, saving the people is necessary now”.

The movie also includes credible performances by Ice cube and Mark Walberg. Mark showing attributes of a father also.

All the four major characters start from being black bad characters as they try to steal the gold from Saddam which Saddam stole from other country. But as these four soldiers wander around and saw the misery of people around the ceased country, they try to help those people as those people help them to carry the gold across the border. But at the end they gave up all the gold so that they can let those people to cross border which shows their good side.

The movie is certainly best of Gorge Clooney and if you are his fan like me than you should watch this.

7/10 stars

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