Thursday, May 22, 2008

Animated Movies

The best thing I always liked about animated movies is that they always come up with moral which is certainly necessary for the young kids in their early teens. Kids can learn a lot from this kind of movies.
Happy feet is one of those animated movies with a message or moral hidden with in the script. Cars is another and also Ratatouille and may be many more.
The only thing I afraid is this moral apprehended by the kids or is this message a bit too complicated to make them understand? Not for the grown ups though.
Happy feet brings to you a story about a penguin who is very different from all other penguins in his community and difference is he can’t sing like all others but he has a talent of tap dancing. But his community doesn’t accept this talent or takes it wrong. Everybody is disappointed with him. But one day he proves himself.
Few beautiful moments of the movie would be when Mumble tells his father about his feet “The happy feet”, when he was chased by a seal, when he enters the human territory and many more.
Well I would say that every parent should bring animated movies to their kids or bring your kids to theater because these kinds of movies can certainly induce something good into your child.
9/10 stars
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