Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Shawshank Redemption – One of the best I have ever seen

This movie, which I heard from a lot people saying one of best and all, proved exactly what have been said about it, atleast for me. When I read about this movie from different critic about the movie…..i had a impression that Morgan Freeman was the best in the movie. But now after watching the movie, can certainly say that Tim Robbins was like dominating others in the movie.

Tim Robbins character affects your mind from the start and also during the whole course of the movie and the whole thing comes out at the end.

This movie is certainly one of the best directed movies of all time. I can place it with “The” best of business, till forever. I really like to mention how well the script is written, I mean the story contains all the perfect elements.

The story beginning with Andy (Tim) found guilty of his wife murder which he always denied and I sent to shwashank jail where he meets his co. and Red(Morgan). The movie explorers the life inside the jails very well and also about the inmates living in and then getting out from there.

Climax of the movie is certainly the best part of the movie which just shocks you by telling you what you have seen before the climax.

This is one movie I would strongly recommend to.

9/10 stars

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