Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Its Her B’Day……..Amisha Patel ( 9- June)

She is the best to me, atleast to me. She is the one who struck me from day one when I saw her in her debut movie “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai”. Although I didn’t liked the movie that much but liked her in the movie. I don’t know what it was which attracted me to her but there was certainly something and that feeling still continues in heart. It may be cause of I’m a scorpion (my sun sign) and we scorpions do have this especial characteristic of “loving being in long relationships”.

The more I found about her, the movie I liked her. Its not that she is the best actress in the whole wide world or in Indian cinema. I never said I liked her cause of her acting talent but she has the potential which was never being exploited by any of the directors or movie makers.

There were a few movies of her I liked like Humraaz, Gadar, Kya yahi pyaar hai. She also gave some of industries biggest hits like Gadar, Kaho naa Pyaar hai but unfortunately the actors took all the credit for the movie being a hit. Like Hritik roshan did in “kaho na pyaar hai” (obviously promoted more by his father for the movie……which made him a super star), Sunny deol for Gadar and Akshaye khanna for Humraaz. Its not that these stars were not good in the movie but Amisha should have been given more credit than she received.

Leaving all these things behind, she also took up some wrong movies in her career. Some of the movie in last 4-5 years have been sabotaging her career more than helping her. More pain added by her family problems during this course. And now she is been tagged as a multi star actress. But I hope she does some big things in her career. I’m waiting for that with my fingers crossed.

Also one of her best feature is that she is as intelligent as she is beautiful. You can look at her academics she’s been a great student and one of the most qualified people of the industry.

Okk I don’t want to say more but for the last time ………… she is my first choice if I’ll ever get one in my life.

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